Saving Energy in the Workplace

It is not just important for domestic households to save energy. Companies can do their bit too by taking a few steps to ensure that they are not consuming high amounts of energy and if they do, they can look forward to saving some money too and help to bring down the cost of running a business.

One of the main wastes of energy in any business is with lights. Most will have lights on all day because of the type of environment that they are in. But in rooms that are not frequently used such as meeting rooms, there is no need for the lights to be left on all day. Staff should be encouraged to switch the lights off when they are leaving a room. Light sensors can also be installed in rooms to detect when there is no movement, so they will then automatically switch off the lights.

Ensuring that the building that you are working in is properly insulated will mean that you spend less on heating bills. Check that there are no gaps around the windows to reduce draughts and make sure that wall cavities are also draught-proof. Insulation in the building should also extend to the ceilings in the offices – many have deep gaps and heat can easily escape this way.

Switching off appliances is important. Many office workers, for example, will leave computers on standby all night when there is no need to do this. The same applies for small items such as phone chargers and printers. If you also make sure that you use energy-efficient appliances, you can reduce energy consumption when they are actually switched on.