Why Should We Save Energy?

There has been a lot of publicity over the last few years that tells us that we should be saving energy but do we really understand why? We know that saving energy can help the environment, but few people really understand why this is so important. In order to encourage people to save energy, they need to know why they should.

Much of the energy produced around the world these days is created with the help of fossil fuels. However, the planet does not have an infinite supply of fossil fuels. Eventually, they are going to run out. That time is coming faster than many people think and it is partly because fossil fuels are being consumed at the fastest rate ever. But when these resources have gone, we will not be able to get them back.

At this present time, even though renewable energy sources are growing in use, they only account for a small proportion of the total energy that is used in this country today. So, while the resources of fossil fuels are being drained, we are not yet taking the right steps to replace them, which means that we need to find a way of Categories Saving Energy